Auditions for to kill A Mockingbird.

Auditions for TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD contact Stan Coleman


Sept 27, 2015 – 2-3 pm, auditions for the children (Scout, Jem and Dill);

3-5 pm for General Auditions.

Oct 3, 2015 – 2-3 pm, auditions for the children (Scout, Jem and Dill);

3-5 pm for General Auditions; possible callbacks (TBA)


 VLT Stage Left, 2350 Hilyard St., Eugene, OR 97405

Scripts will be available for 72 hr. checkout at Tsunami Books at 2585 Willamette Street during its operational hours beginning Friday, August 14 until auditions.

 Performance dates are Jan 15 – Jan 31, 2016 


In Maycomb, Alabama, in the early days of the Great Depression, events unfold through the eyes of ten-year-old Scout Finch, growing up in a close-knit neighborhood with her older brother Jem and their summertime friend, Dill. When their father, Atticus Finch, a well-respected lawyer, defends Tom Robinson, a poor black man accused of raping a young white girl, Scout’s childhood is forever changed. She learns not only what it means to live by her own convictions, but also what it is to stand in the shoes of another person. Through the drama of the trial and its aftermath comes an examination of freedom, justice, honesty, and hypocrisy.


Jem, 14-16: Scout’s brother and playmate.

Scout, 10-12: Scout is the young protagonist, considered smart for her age.

Dill, 10-12: Jem and Scout’s summer visitor and friend; wise beyond his years.

CAST NEEDED: Southern accents helpful

Jean Louise Finch, 30-50: The adult Scout, she narrates the story of the young Scout and is peripherally onstage for much of the play.

Walter Cunningham, 30-40s: Poor farmer whom Atticus tries to help.

Atticus Finch, about 50: Scout and Jem’s father; a lawyer who defends Tom Robinson.

Mrs. Dubose, 40-70s: An elderly, cranky, racist woman.

Nathan Radley, 40-50s: A reclusive neighbor of the Finches; brother of Boo.

Judge Taylor, 40-60s: The judge for Tom Robinson’s  trial.

Heck Tate, 30-50s: Maycomb’s sheriff, a decent and respected man.

Bob Ewell, 40-60s: An alcoholic, poverty-stricken, and abusive man.

Mr. Gilmer, 30-50s: The prosecuting attorney in the case against Robinson.

Mayella Ewell, late teen – early 20s; lonely and abused, accuses Tom Robinson of rape

Boo Radley, 30-40s: A reclusive, mysterious neighbor of the Finches.

Maudie Atkinson, 40s: The Finches’ widowed neighbor; friend of the family.

Stephanie Crawford, 40s: The neighborhood gossip.

Townspeople, Farmers, any ages from 18 and up.

AFRICAN-AMERICAN CAST NEEDED: (4 – 2 men, 2 women)

Calpurnia, 30-50s: The Finches’ black housekeeper.

Rev. Sykes, 30-60s: The black preacher of the community.

Tom Robinson, 30s: A physically fit, black man falsely accused of raping Mayella.

Helen Robinson, 20-30s: Black; wife of Tom Robinson.

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