Standing firm after 108 years!

After 108 years of reasoned debate and direct action we at the NAACP understand the deep rooted aliment  of white supremacy in America and the world . A malady that has kept us from achieving the greatness that our forbears lived and died for. A greatness rooted in the idea that under law and with a sense of balance and fairness all people, even the poor and dispossessed could live a life of dignity, free of violence, and war. As is evident from the escalating rhetoric and course of white supremacy and its sympathizers, there is need for continued and increased attention to this sickness as it is creating visible sores to the the body and spirit of  our country. Through, Education, Engagement, and Enlightenment to the fact that we are all brothers and sisters with one destiny, we will make it through the storm of intolerance, ignorance  and hate. Stand with us today by becoming a member @membership