“Power to the People” Tapping the Green Energy Economy

I am excited to announce the launch of the NAACP Power to the People: Fueling the Revolution for Energy Justice campaign. The campaign celebrates the leadership of NAACP units advancing energy justice and energy democracy on the state and local level. 

We’ve launched the Power to the People webpage, where viewers can learn about the ECJP program, get involved with the campaign, and seek resources, such as the Just Energy Policies Action Toolkit, the Model Policies Guide, and the State-by-State Energy Justice Snapshots. Energy justice activities and campaign commitments from state and local NAACP units are also publicized on the webpage. Check it out:

Please help us spread the word about the campaign across social media platforms, including FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

If you haven’t already, check out the Power to the People campaign webpage and follow our Twitter account @ECJP_NAACP