Social Justice Fund Northwest Funds Eugene/Springfield NAACP’s Vision of Growth

Social Justice Fund

Eugene, Or – The Eugene/Springfield NAACP is happy to recognize the Social Justice Fund Northwest for its support of the ongoing work at the NAACP as we move to invigorate the capacity and vision of the branch in recent years. In concert with
statewide educational efforts, the Mims family, local community partners the NAACP seeks to act to through it’s programs to address and or correct historic inequities that have hampered the development of whole communities. With the generous help of the grantors at SJFNW we intend to increase our community organizing. We have been building the presence of the Black community and it’s local history and hope to grow the effort. In partnership with the Mims family who own the oldest black owned home in Lane county, we have established a center/office space that has opened up our community for cross cultural dialog and cooperation! We feel this has and will enable us to better serve the black communities needs, while offering a safe place to grow in engage. This grant will help establish our efforts going forward!

Thank you Social Justice Fund Northwest!