Oregon Wildfire Recovery Information!

General Information:

Community Resources Document: This document has a variety of local and national resources for people affected by the wildfires. The latest revision was today, and future updates will be reflected in the same location.

·         English: https://sharedsystems.dhsoha.state.or.us/DHSForms/Served/le3303.pdf

·         Arabic: https://sharedsystems.dhsoha.state.or.us/DHSForms/Served/la3303.pdf

·         Simplified Chinese: https://sharedsystems.dhsoha.state.or.us/DHSForms/Served/ln3303.pdf

·         Traditional Chinese: https://sharedsystems.dhsoha.state.or.us/DHSForms/Served/l43303.pdf

·         Marshallese: https://sharedsystems.dhsoha.state.or.us/DHSForms/Served/l333303.pdf

·         Russian: https://sharedsystems.dhsoha.state.or.us/DHSForms/Served/lr3303.pdf

·         Spanish: https://sharedsystems.dhsoha.state.or.us/DHSForms/Served/ls3303.pdf

·         Vietnamese: https://sharedsystems.dhsoha.state.or.us/DHSForms/Served/lv3303.pdf


  • Need help paying for your prescriptions?
    OHA and OPDP (Oregon Prescription Drug Program) can help.
    Call 971-209-8491 for information about the Discount Card Program
  • No age or income restrictions
  • Only takes a minute to enroll
  • All prescriptions are eligible for discounts
  • No membership fee to join
  • ¿Necesita ayuda para pagar sus medicamentos recetados?
    OHA and OPDP (Oregon Prescription Drug Program) can help.
    Llame al 971-209-8491 para obtener información sobre nuestro programa de descuento
    • Sin restricciones de edad o ingresos
    • Solo toma un minute para inscribirse
    • Todas las recetas son elegibles para descuentos
    • Sin tarifa de membresía