Dance Party for The North and South. Fundraiser for Eric Garner and Sandra Bland legal defense funds

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Dance Party for The North and South. Fundraiser for Eric Garner and Sandra Bland legal defense funds

September 25, 2015 @ 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

9pm-930pm Speakers:
Sandra Lozano, community member
Eric Richardson, President branch #1119 Eugene/Springfield NAACP
Arwen Despain, community member
Lauren Regan, Civil Liberties Defense Committee

–>>JUSTICE<<– A Dance Party for the South and North is an act of solidarity with anyone who has been a victim of or who lives under the threat of police violence and tyranny in the U.S. and anywhere else in the world. On Friday September 25th Cowfish donates 100% of funds raised at the door to the legal justice teams of Sandra Bland and Eric Garner in their continued efforts to hold accountable those individuals in law enforcement who are culpable either directly or indirectly in these tragic deaths. As many of you are painfully aware, police culture in America is extremely problematic and has resulted in an untold # of unjustified killings of fellow citizens over many decades. Some say its intensifying. Some say its only that current technologies have allowed us a view into a type of brutality that has always been there. Either way, we continue on with a major problem on our hands. This is a national embarrassment, and human rights crisis!!! There are simple solutions to this crisis but lawmakers continue to pick their noses in the face of an endemic problem of epic proportions. Both the the Eric Garner and Sandra Bland cases illustrate how out-of-hand the situation is. One attacked by police for supposedly selling single cigarettes on the street. The other assaulted after being pulled over for failing to signal in a lane change. Both end up dead. The Black Lives Matter movement exists because racism still expresses itself all too frequently in law-enforcement culture in the U.S.




September 25, 2015
9:00 pm - 11:00 pm