Food Pantry Coordinator

NAACP Food Pantry Coordinator


 $15-$20/ hour


Varies (Estimated 20  hours per week)


This position is appointed and supervised by the Branch Administrator and the Executive Committee. 



  • Keep a log of Pantry refrigerator/freezer use (daily)
  • Train volunteers on food safety, pantry use, etc. and keep a log of their training
  • Supervise and check-in with volunteers to maintain best practices (daily)
  • Create packing list based on Community Needs form submissions (dependent on new submissions to form)
  • Update packing list based on available supplies and food (2-3 times a week)
  • Respond to emails/phone calls from families in our food delivery program (varies by week)
  • Check Instagram (at least once a day) for new messages or communications related to Pantry activities.  Coordinate with Social Media Manager for responses. 
  • Respond to volunteer inquiries from community members or partners


  • Organize pantry, check for out of date/damaged product, discard appropriately (at least weekly)
  • Make weekly orders for food pantry through Food for Lane County (FFLC)
  • Pick up orders (weekly on Monday) from FFLC
  • Keep a record of weekly orders through FFLC and other supplies purchased or donated to the pantry
  • Monitor recall notifications from FFLC and discard supplies as needed (generally once a week)
  • Update weekly DoorDash delivery order spreadsheet
  • Communicate with United Way for changes/updates to DoorDash spreadsheet (as needed)
  • Coordinate with Siletz Tribe on food/supply pickups (generally weekly)
  • Check Community Needs form for new submissions (several times a week)
  • Provide food bags to unhoused individuals/drop-ins (generally once a week)
  • Attend weekly staff meetings


  • Make a monthly supplemental report to FFLC
  • Shop for pantry supplies as needed (as needed, generally bi-weekly or monthly)
  •  Attend Poverty and Homelessness Shelter Stakeholder Committee Meetings (monthly/bimonthly generally)


  • Recruit volunteers for the pantry as well as other endeavors (like committees) and events
  • Provide onboarding to other volunteers including providing them with Zoom links, background check information, etc. (as needed)
  • Organize volunteer schedule (as needed)
  • Coordinate with FFLC staff on reporting, trainings, or changes to practices as needed
  • Maintain volunteer spreadsheet (as needed)
  • Coordinate with Oregon Hillel with their Social Justice Cohort members
  • Answer phone calls at the office (as needed)
  • Attend tabling and recruit volunteers/educate community on our current endeavors (same as above)
  • Organize supply drives for the pantry as needed (would like to continue this every 4-6 months)
  • Attend branch events (as needed)
  • Maintain calendar with updated schedule/meetings (once a week)

Please submit a cover letter and resume outlining the following:

• Interest in position

• Experience/Education related to this position