Legal Redress Committee

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Legal Redress


The NAACP is here to assist individuals who believe they have experienced bias in various community contexts, including but not limited to interactions with law enforcement, the justice system, workplace or housing discrimination, and education-related biases.

The online incident report is the tool offered by the NAACP for individuals to utilize to submit reports of bias, hate and discrimination. The incident report can be used by NAACP staff and committee members to assist individuals in documenting their incidents.

The NAACP is here to provide resources and can not provide legal advice.

Responsible Party:

NAACP staff and Committee members


All information shared with NAACP staff and Committee members in order to complete the incident report on behalf of individuals will be kept confidential unless there is a threat of immediate harm to themselves or others. Any sharing of information must be approved by NAACP President or Executive committee.


Access to the NAACP incident report form can be found on the website or through this link: Incident Report Form.


When an individual seeks to report an incident to NAACP staff or Committee member the individual will be directed to complete the online incident form.

If the individual does not feel comfortable or would like assistance completing the incident form then the NAACP staff or Committee member can fill out an incident report on their behalf.

The NAACP staff or Committee member will access the incident form on behalf of the individual and go through all of the questions listed gathering as much detail as possible.

Once the incident report is completed a copy can be requested for the individual’s record.