Environmental Climate Justice Committee

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Environmental and Climate Justice Program Goals

Environmental injustices, including climate change, have a disproportionate impact on communities of color and low income communities in the United States and around the world.

The NAACP ECJ Program was created to provide resources and support community leadership in addressing this human and civil rights issue by advocating for these three objectives:

  1. Reduce Harmful Emissions, Particularly Greenhouse Gases

We combine action on shutting down coal plants and other toxic facilities at the local level, as well as building of new toxic facilities, with advocacy to strengthen development, monitoring, and enforcement of regulations at federal, state, and local levels. Also includes a focus on corporate responsibility and accountability.

  1. Advance Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy

We work at the state level on campaigns to pass renewable energy and energy efficiency standards while simultaneously working at the local level with small businesses, unions, and others on developing demonstration projects to ensure that communities of color are accessing revenue generation opportunities in the new energy economy, while providing safer, more sustainable mechanisms for managing energy needs for our communities and beyond.

  1. Strengthen Community Resilience and Livability

We work to ensure that communities are equipped to engage in sustainability/climate action planning that integrates policies and practices on advancing food justice, advocating for transportation equity, upholding civil and human rights in emergency management, and facilitate participatory democracy.

Please Join our ECJ Committee

Where: Historic Mims House, 330 High Street, Eugene, Oregon.

When: Every Third Thursday of the month, @ 5:30 pm

Who: Anyone who has a desire to fight for environmental and climate justice


Environmental and Climate Justice Coordinator

Aimee Okotie -Oyekan

Email: ecj@naacplanecounty.org

ECJ Committee Chair

Ana Molina Trejo
Environmental Justice Campaign Liaison
Email: amolina@beyondtoxics.org

Ana was born in Mexico but grew up in South Lake Tahoe when her family migrated to the US. She is first in her family to graduate from college, and recently graduated from Humboldt State University. Growing up in such a beautiful area gave her an appreciation for the environment that inspired her to pursue a degree in Environmental Science. While in school she became involved in social justice issues on campus and in Humboldt County. Ana began to make the connections of how our social constructs affect our environment leading to environmental racism. She realized that you can’t leave out whole communities when it comes to conversations about climate change and the environment when they will be the ones who are affected. Ana has a love for both the environment and people because we are resilient, strong and imaginative and we can come up with solutions when we work collectively. On her down time Ana likes to hike, backpack, read and check out thrift stores.

Policy Reform 2019:


Support the Oregon Just Transition Alliance’s call for an Oregon Green New Deal

Support HB 2020 (Clean Energy Jobs Bill/Cap and Invest): Establishes Climate Policy Office within Oregon Department of Administrative Services and directs office to adopt Oregon Climate Action Program by rule.

Support HB 2001 (Authorization of Middle Housing): Requires cities with population greater than 10,000 to allow duplexes in lands zoned for single-family dwellings within urban growth boundary.

Support HB 3310 (Oregon Voitng Rights Act): Prohibits school district, community college district and certain education service district elections from being conducted in manner that impairs ability of members of protected class to have equal opportunity to elect candidates of their choice as result of dilution or abridgment of rights of electors who are members of protected class.

Support HB 2007 (Engine Emission Regulation): Extends authorized uses of moneys received by state pursuant to Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Agreement and deposited in Clean Diesel Engine Fund.

Support HB 2619 (Chlorpyrifos Ban): Prohibits sale, purchase or use of pesticide products containing chlorpyrifos.

Support HB 2015 (Drivers License for All): Eliminates requirement that person provide proof of legal presence before Department of Transportation issues noncommercial driver license, noncommercial driver permit or identification card.

Support SB 608 (Tenant Protection): Prohibits landlord from terminating month-to-month tenancy without cause after 12 months of occupancy

Support SB 90 (Plastic Straw Ban): Prohibits food and beverage provider or convenience store from providing single-use plastic straw to consumer unless consumer specifically requests single-use plastic straw.

OPPOSE SB 451(Renewable Energy certificates to Waste management facility): Establishes eligibility for renewable energy certificates for facilities that generate electricity from direct combustion of municipal solid waste and became operational before January 1, 1995, if such facilities register with Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System at any time.


Urge Governor Brown to reject Jordan Cove LNG project

Support DEQ’s proposed Clean-up plan for JH Baxter in Eugene, Oregon

City of Eugene

Support and Encourage Adoption of all 39 Actions submitted to city council by the climate equity panel. These actions ensure that the city’s Climate Action Plan 2.0 meet their goals in and equitable manner.

Oppose the over 60% budget cut administered to the Labor Education and Research Center (LERC) by the University of Oregon.

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