Youth Council


The NAACP Youth Councils’ mission is to educate, connect, and motivate local youth toward collective community involvement, cultural pride, and strong cross cultural relationships to buildup strong youth in our communities.

The Youth Council Program

The NAACP has established a line of communication and collaboration with our local high schools and institutions of higher learning (LCC, U of O), to provide a dynamic and well supported platform for youth development. The hours that students spend in Youth Council activities, fundraising, social events, or community outreach projects will count as Community Service volunteer hours; and, the lessons learned while in the program will last a lifetime.

Youth Council is a parliamentary council, within the NAACP organization. Members are asked to act as ambassadors to their respective schools representing and practicing the principles of the council — justice and dignity for all people!

Get Started! We Need You!

Why join the Youth Council?

…because it was the YOUTH that fought for our Civil Rights in the 1960’s; it was the YOUTH who protested and boycotted against the Jim Crow laws; it was the YOUTH who stood against apartheid in the 1980’s; it was the YOUTH who forced society and the world to change; and, today, we need our YOUTH to lead and pave the way for the next generations, as our forefathers did for us!

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To become a Youth Council member in the NAACP the dues are $10, good for 1 year. Youth Council members meet at the Bi-weekly Youth Council meeting.

Students come together for Civic Engagement and Excellence!