Eugene Springfield NAACP Endorses Ballot Measure 98

Eugene Springfield NAACP Endorses Ballot Measure 98

Oregon has almost the lowest high school graduation rate in the nation – we are 48th of the 50 states.

Graduation is even lower for students of color.

That is why we have endorsed Ballot Measure 98.

98 will restore Vocational and add modern Career-Technical Education in every High School –

and expand access to college, too!

If you have questions about this measure please contact Joy Marshall:    541-912-2921

We also encourage members and friends of NAACP to volunteer for Measure 98.

join one of  their door to door canvasses –  get a quick training and go out with a buddy to talk to voters.

It’s easy and really makes a difference

door to door canvass for Ballot Measure 98

Sunday, Oct 23    1-4pm

Sunday, Oct 30, noon – 3pm

meet at Democratic office, 224 E. 11th Ave, Eugene